Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Ada is the first daughter in every family, some men thinks that when you marry an Ada, most of her family problems will be heaped on your domain, for this reason they run from marrying an Ada.

Dear brothers, is not compulsory that you must  carry every cross in her family, after all you're not the one taking care of her family before marrying or thinking of marrying her.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Definition of A CHEAP BOY

1: cheap boy is that boy that will date a girl for a whole 7 years only to dump her and marry someone he dated for only 7 months😈😈

2: A cheap boy is that boy that will start dating a girl @ age 18 and dump her at age 30 😒😒

3: A cheap boy is that boy that can not stay in the same room with a girl for hours without thinking of sex😁😁

4: A cheap boy is that boy that can not keep a relationship without sexπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

5: A cheap boy is that boy that accommodate a girl he does not want to marry in his house only to make her perform marital duties every night😠😠

Sunday, April 16, 2017

People prepare for Marriage after Wedding ......

I saw your wedding card; I am both happy and bothered!

1. The way you have handled people, how's your spouse going to be handled?

2. I see marriages end everyday and I am wondering if you know what you are about to get into!

3. I hope you aren't just about the excitement of getting married, have you thought deeply what this is about?

4. Have you critically thought about patience, forgiveness and long-suffering? They don't sound palatable but there is nothing you can do about needing these!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


He had a deadline to beat. So he came home late when his family was asleep. He went into the kitchen, warmed up his dinner that the wife had cooked. Matoke with beef stew. In a few minutes he was done and went to sleep, exhausted.
In the morning, him and his wife got up. After the shower, wearing robes, it was time to prepare for the day.
"You think I am your house help? What is this? How many times must I tell you to never leave utensils unwashed? I wake up to an unwashed plate in the kitchen sink. Can't you even wash after yourself? Must I always clean up after you? Are you a baby? And you used my favourite plate that I keep for visitors, can't you even use the many other plates I bought? Agrrrr you've ruined my morning. I am so sick of being married to a man who can't even follow simple instructions" his wife shouted at him.
"What is this all about?" He asked looking at her surprised."What is this all about?" She ridiculed him. "Stop acting like you don't know. This is about the mess you left in the kitchen last night"
"Is this really about the dishes? Are you seriously talking to your husband like this because of a plate?" He asked shocked.


1. Before you woo her, wow her!

2. Show her who you are. Trying to tell her is an indication that you are doing a bad job!

3. Your conversation must reveal her place, her power and her destiny! Look at Adam, he knew this... 'bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh...

4. Don't brandish things ahead of YOU. Let her meet you!

5. Don't rush a woman. Give her the chance to see your value then asking her out will only be a formality!

6. Value what she values if you want her to value you!

7. Respect her, she will adore you!

Saturday, April 8, 2017


"Dad, can you loan me N500,000?," Kola asked his father.

"What for son?," his father asked.

"For my wedding, dad. By our calculations, we're falling short meeting the cost."

Kola had come to meet his parents with his fiancΓ©.

"Your wedding? How much is the total cost of the wedding?," his father asked.

READ ....

He was driving very fast because he was running late for his night job. He got there on time but after clocking in, he realized he was not on the schedule to work that night. He had mixed feelings driving back home. He was happy because he will sleep in his bed that night and he was sad because he wasted his time driving one hour from the first job to the second job only to realized he wasn't gonna work.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Maranatha Innocent, who was kidnapped by ritualists then released, recounts her experience in the ritualists' camp of death

Maranatha Innocent who went missing for three days in Makurdi, Benue state (read here) has narrated her experience in the hands of her kidnappers.

Maranatha, who was kidnapped by suspected ritualists on March 8th but was found on March 11th, has now opened up about what happened on that fateful day and it's really troubling. Apparently she was kidnapped for ritual purposes and only escaped in what can only be termed a miracle. Maranatha, who lives in Makurdi, was returning from her cake school and decided to take a bike home. She negotiated with the bike rider and their journey began but along the line he said he wanted to ease himself.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Phobia of love Episode 3

The battle line has just been drawn…….
**After the argument that happened between
Ramena and Denilson,both of them have been
trying hard to get the good side of Lizzy
On monday morning afternoon,After the lecture
class,Ramena and Justice were found sitting
under the big tree located on the main campus
waiting for Denilson.
Suddenly Justice broke the silence
“Ehm Ram please you and Den should stop

Phobia of love Episode 2

“Ehm,i’m sorry but seeing you like this,i felt you
resemble mum’s sister,and i want to tell you that
i love …your style and mode of dressing” Den
“Is that all you want to say?” Elizabeth
“No,not really and moreover you have’nt tell me
your name and i have told you mine” he said that
at his “fake-hearted” manner
“Ok i’m Elizabeth but my friends call me lizzy”4
she said that in her lady-like mode of speaking
{And as at this time Elizabeth knows that she
had been wasting much time with Den on
standing so she’s been eager to end the “No-
Sense” story she’s having with him because she
knows where denilson will end up his “‘beating
round the bush”‘ discussion}


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