Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nigerian Defender David Onyia dies of heart Attack During Match.

A- 30 year Old Nigerian defender, David Onyia has died after collapsing during a friendly match between his Malaysian club T-Team and kelantan.
 T-Team captain David Faramola Onyia died after collapsing in Malaysia on saturday.
   According to BBC, David Onyia died today been June 13 after he collapsed three minutes into the match in Kota Bharu and was taken to the hospital.
 T-Team CEO Syaharizan Mohammed Zain said Onyia did not receive medical treatment quick enough. He suffered a heart attack

, but it could have been a different story if the ambulance driver as at alert."Zain said.
 The driver was at the stand watching the game when Onyia suddenly collapsed and our defenders was deprived of oxygen for several minutes." he added
 Reportedly, the match was stopped after 60 minutes when a message about Onyia, death was received from the hospital
 David Onyia had only joined the Malaysian club this season. May His Gentle soul rest in peace.

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