Saturday, June 20, 2015

This is a big fight against prostitution, child,s labour and human trafficking

Make mee elegant free empowerment training with NAPTIP( national prohibition for human trafficking and child,s labour)
Am so sad to see our young girls between age 10 to 18 years taken abroad for prostitution and they slept with minimum of 1000 men yearly, some people are wicked, why can't you take your children too.
 Thanking British embassy, Italian embassy united Arab (dubai) etc for opportunity and also staffs of NAPTIP for given make mee elegant the opportunity and also believing in me KEHINDE ADELAJA OKOROAFOR and OGEBULE IREBOWALE, are so glad to be part of the family.
 Make me elegant is a company into free empowerment programme for the jobless.
 WhatsApp -2348179621001
Coming soon south Africa youth.


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