Saturday, June 13, 2015

TWo Drugs Traffickers get 55 years Imprisonment

A federal high court sitting in enugu, has sentenced two drug traffickers to fifty five years in jail. One of the convicts Deborah okafor, a 30 years old was charged with conspiracy, trafficking a unlawful procession of 3.450kg of amphetamine.
      While the other, iheme onyemauchechukwu, was unlawful importation of 9.975kg of heroin. They were both arrested at enugu airport. A statement by the National  Drug law enforcement Agency said okafor would have been paid the sum of 3 500 thousand dollars if she successfully made her trip to Malaysia.
       She was convicted and sentenced by justice D.V. Agishi to 10 years each. In court one and two and 20 years in court three making her sentence 40years altogether.
   The second convict, onyemauchechukwu, 27 was charged with trafficking and unlawful importation of 9.975kg of heroin.
   He was convicted as charged and sentenced to 10 years in court one with a fine of 1 Million naira and five years in court two with a fine of 500 hundred thousand naira, okafor reportedly hid 3.450kg of amphetamine inside the pocket of her trouser in her luggage.
 She told the court that she was broke and needed money, I had been approached on many occasions to smuggle drugs but I declined.
   I thought that I could earn some quick money in few days. She stated.
 Onyemauchechukwu said he was recruited in Tanzania by a suspected drug cartel in east Africa. He told investigations that he smuggled drugs because he was strategy stranded.
 NDLEA chairman, Ahmed Giade expressed satisfaction with the judgement.
    He said, while the punishment is expected to correct the convicts, it will equally help to deter others from getting involved in drug trafficking arrest and prosecution. Judgement like this will further lend credence to the nation ,s
Anti_drug campaign.

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