Wednesday, June 10, 2015


A Man in ogun state name witheld beats up his wife, A very beautiful lady name fatima, he suspects fatima has an affair
 outside wedlock, but I always ask married men is it nice to beat up your wife, she is suppose to be your helpmate not your punching mate. No matter what your wife does to you, you have no right to beat her up.
     Fine, but we women we should also respect our husbands it is not easy for a man to use his hard earned money to marry a woman then you come into his house and yet you don't respect him. Is not nice now, the worst thing a woman can do to her husband is to have extra marital affair, No matter the situation at hand it is not nice at all.
     Marriage is a blessing from the lord, but people seem to abuse it this days. I will write to the senate to pass a bill that says that women has equal right to cheat like men. With this men will stop humiliating their wives, either by beating them or by having extra marital affair with other young girls.

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