Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Caitlyn And kris Jenner -Lets Talk Girl to Girl

Kris' car was spotted leaving Caitlyn's Malibu home after their meeting . their first meeting since the transformation. 
Sources connected to the former couple tell us, Kris had not met Caitlyn. There was real bitterness following their split, made worse by Bruce who had some harsh things to say about Kris and her reality show during the Diane Sawyer interview. 
We're told Kris is feeling bad that a 30 year relationship has gone down in flames to the point they almost never even speak. On top of that, they share children and therefore will always be a family.
Our sources say they talked out some of their issues and it went well. We're told it got very personal ... as you know, there are multiple versions of what Kris knew and when she knew it.
As for the future, at least from Kris' side ... she's hopeful this is a fresh beginning. 

 Source. TMZ

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