Saturday, July 11, 2015

Caitlyn jenner was handling Condom to her fans in a pride event.

Caitlyn Jenner went hand-to-hand in the 'hood during a Pride event -- handing out condoms to her fans.
It's pretty impressive ... in the middle of NYC's Pride weekend a couple of weeks ago -- when Caitlyn was the toast of the town -- she took a low-key trip to a shady part of Brooklyn to volunteer with the TransLatina Coalition.
As you might expect ... she was swarmed by fans wanting pics, but we're told she politely turned them down, and it was clear she wasn't there for publicity -- just to work for the community.
So, instead of selfies ... she handed out condoms and flyers for community events addressing the prevention of HIV.
We're guessing you'll see some of this play out when “I Am Cait” premieres later this month.

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