Friday, July 10, 2015

End of unemployment Crisis.. we can help!

Are you looking for jobs, are you one of the over 40 million Nigerians of employable age but you are not gainfully employed? We want to help you get job, prepare you for job and give you needed support to advance in this journey called life. Or are you are employer who has a space for people but want to hire capable hands that can be mentored towards greatness?

It is to this end The Young Business Leader of Nigeria (YBLN) is founded by a passionate Nigerian. ‘We need to begin to do something about the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. The over 40 million figure is unacceptable. We can no longer continue to wait for government. We want to do something about unemployment, that is what YBNL is all about’ the founder who wants to remain anonymous said.

The Young Business Leaders of Nigeria is a network of “young business leaders” established to evolve creative methods of solving the unemployment crisis in Nigeria. Recognising the signi´Čücant role that young people can play in helping to solve this crisis, YBLN is a focused attempt at getting a large mass of young people off the sidelines and passionately, proactively involved in evolving and maintaining strategies and actions that would help reduce this untenable rate of unemployment.

Their primary objective is to find and create employment for 1.2 million “Young Nigerians” by December 2016 and YBLN intends to meet the objectives in these various ways:  Connect Young People to Existing Job Opportunities (free of charge), Create Jobs and Empower People to Create Jobs, Prepare Young People for the Job Market and connect them with Employers of Labour, Keep Reliable Data & Track Progress.

So are you looking for jobs, are you within employable age? Please join us at the launch of YBLN on July 22. The good news is that this event and subsequent supports are free of charge. You will not be required to purchase any form or pay for anything.

For details on venue and invitation, please follow the following Twitter handles @brooksrockmedia @yblnnnigeria and get necessary details. You can also email or SMS 07062498707.
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