Thursday, July 30, 2015

Iyanya Blasts Heartbroken Yvonne Nelson For Calling Him Evil After Breakup

In an exclusive chat with VJ Ehiz on Real Talk show, star singer Iyanya was asked to talk about the cause of their breakup.
See what Iyanya told MTV Base VJ Ehiz
On if he thinks they’re compatible, Iyanya said:
Yeah, we’re cool man, we’re cool, yeah. Big time. Big…proper relationship. Back on forth.
Why I Broke Up With Yvonne Nelson
Now this is the problem…famous guy, famous girl. It’s hard man.
When that Yvonne Nelson thing happened, I was not happy but then I will look like superman out there. I was not happy because everybody thought i was the evil guy because her heart was broken, I looked evil.
Iyanya challenges Yvonne Nelson:

What happened to the other guys that broke her heart before me?

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