Friday, July 24, 2015

Nollywood Actress Belinda Effah: How I Escaped Being Raped In School

Nollywood actress Belinda Effah has opened up for the very first time about her close encounter with a rapist during her school days.
Hear her:
“I have come very close to being raped. I thank God, he didn’t succeed. It was back then in school, some guy wanted to corner me. School was just resuming, few students were around. It was a tussle, he was trying to pull me into his room to sexually molest me, but I held onto the pole that was there. I didn’t know how I got the energy to hold onto it so strong before I took to my heels. It was just the grace of God. If he had gotten me into that room, hmmmm, it would have been brutal.”
The Kokoma star said her near-rape experience prompted the establishment of her NGO, Belinda’s Advocacy Against Rape.

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