Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our love will never wane' - read Alibaba's loving birthday message to wife

Alibaba took to his Instagram page this morning to send a loving shout out to his wife, Mary, who is a year older today July 11th. Happy birthday to her. See what he wrote below...
"Happy Birthday to my Soulmate, MaryB, my lover, my friend, my babe, my wife, babes! Love you to heaven and back! What more can I say? Today as you turn a year older, God will perfect his plan for your life. God will fulfill his purpose and cause his glory to envelope you day and night. You will be a shining example onto many.
Your joy shall be full. You shall be called blessed. His miracles in your life will be living testimonies that will inspire people to greatness. God will protect your going out and your coming in. No weapons formed against you shall prosper. Our love will never wane and our happiness will grow till our last breath. I love you, Ochuko me, Ayeme!".

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