Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ramsey Nouah Praises Wife Emelia For Being Patient With Him, Nollywood Actor Advises Youths

Nollywood actor Ramsey Oluwatokunbo Nouah smiles as he responds to media inquiries with a mischievous grin playing around his lips: “Are you asking how I’ve been able to maintain a scandal free career? Yeah…that’s because I’ve been able keep them (his family) away from you guys (the media).” We both erupt in laughter as he contin­ues. “Stardom has not kept a lot of people away from my privacy but the sweetest thing about being an actor is that you are loved by all the people.”
So, after all these years of marriage, what does he cherish most about his wife?
“She is a double woman. She is not an ordinary woman I must confess. A lot of women can’t take what my wife takes from me so I call her a double woman. In fact, she is a triple woman so I must give it to her. She deserves an award, I mean tonnes of awards. I tell other woman when they lament ‘oh my God, your wife is trying putting up with you.’ I tell them ‘yeah, that’s why she’s better than you.’ We have three lovely kids now.”
Any plans to make more babies?
He reacts in an ejaculatory outburst fol­lowed by ringing laughter: “No, it’s all over. E don do, school fees nor be small money-o!”
Ramsey Noauh Advises The Youths
My advice for youngsters who want to take after me is just for them to be passionate about what they do. Passion drives the world. It does not matter whether you are an actor, a doctor, an engineer or a waste disposal guy. What matters most is passion. As long as you love what you do and appreciate it, you will become successful at it.

[The Entertainer]

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