Tuesday, July 21, 2015

UNIBEN students protest the death of classmate allegedly knocked down by military van

On Sunday morning July 19th, Rita Awele (pictured above) was tragically hit & killed (allegedly) by a military patrol van along the Lagos-Benin Expressway. The 18 year old 200 level Philosophy student was either going to or returning from church when she was knocked down and killed. The driver didn't even stop. Another person who was knocked down by the van is still in hospital

Students of the school this morning blocked vehicular movement on the Lagos-Benin road, protesting her death. They are asking for speed bumps or flyovers to be mounted in front of the school gate.
"The school is located along Lagos-Benin expressway and this is a major problem for students staying off campus trying to get into the school as cars, buses, trucks and trailers are always on high speed plying that route. A pedestrian bridge was there before but it was taken down during the reconstruction of the Lagos-Benin expressway and they didn't put it back." a student told LIB
"We are using this opportunity to tell the government to construct a fly over or a road break around our school gate." another one said
The students say 3 point agenda must be met by the SUG President
1. Speed brakes must be provided. Construction of overhead bridge at Unibenmain gate (Standard one with street light).

2. The reckless driver must be prosecuted.

3. Awele Rita's family must be duly compensated.
"We protested to register our displeasure over the negligence of Govt and the school management to the repeated appeals for some speed breakers on the Benin-Lagos high way until their bureaucracy has led to the death of another student. Rita was a student like us, someone's sister, someone's bestie, a mother's pride, hope and joy" another student said

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