Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Ghanaian Celebrities Whose PrivateParts Pictures Leaked Online Will Shock You! (18+ Pictures)

Ghanaian celebrities whose privateparts pictures leaked: Some of them was a mistake, some, we hear it was a stunt to shoot them to the top, some of them you can blame for their ignorance. For a celeb, there is nothing like ‘private’, everything you do is of public interest.
Some of the these guys you see below have been the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. Is there anything like bad publicity? I’m sure if these guys where in the U.S.A their wealth will be booming by now as we’ve known many socialites who became famous infamously like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Paris Hilton, Farrah Abrams and many more.

Their net worth surged after their scandal. Unlike these socialites, these things happen in Ghana and when they do, it rather kill the individual’s hard-earned career. Let’s take a look at these Ghanaian celebrities who deliberately or not, leaked their privates for the whole world to see their goodies.
WARNING: The Pictures you’re about to see are not suitable for work!!

I respect Mzbel regardless because she has suffered too much in her career but still she keeps it going stronger and harder. The photo above of her got leaked unintentional according to her. She said, it was supposed to be a shoot for a commercial, after the commercial, the guys involved copied the photos and started sharing it. Sorry Mzbel, iiish happen
You can blame Wanlov’s ignorance for this, I mean who does that? Who opens up their skirt/shorts (whatever it is) to show their prick on TV. Wanlov caused a stir in the country for his indecent behavior. At last it got him the worldwide attention he had always wanted. If you know Wanlov too much, you won’t be surprised and it starts from him wearing no shoes .. Sigh!

We know how hard it is to break through in this hardened Ghanaian music industry. Raquel did her very best to get into the ears of Ghanaians with her ‘Sweetio’ song. Immediately after the hit, she mounted many stages, it got so much into her head that she forgot to wear panties on one of the stages or maybe she and her manager-boyfriend was having a quickie before her performance .. this seems to have killed her.

I never knew about this girl until her scandal. She’s an actress, not too well known, it could be that she did this to shoot her name up but did it work? I still don’t know her and haven’t seen her in any movie. But according to her it was a private photo which was supposed to go to her boyfriend and it got into the wrong hands. Yeah right, we’ll pretend we believe that.


See the UNCENSORED Version of this Picture Here
She’s currently called Itz Tiffany, an insider told us that her whole leakage thing was a stunt to get her name to the top. It actually worked for a while, maybe it’s still working. She claimed she lost her phone to thieves who leaked the pictures and tried to blackmail her. The thieves were later arrested but we didn’t hear anything from it. Maybe it was a stunt or NOT.

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