Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Father Ra.pes His Daughter Twice To Check If She Was Still A Vir.gin

48-year old man, Adeboye Waheed was paraded by the Lagos state police command for defiling his 14-year-old daughter (names withheld)

to check her vir.ginity status at Adama Araro Street in Ikorodu area of the state.

The victim, an SS1 student of Araromi Isoju Grammar School in Ikorodu, who lived with her father, step mother and four siblings, revealed that she was defiled twice with a condom.
Narrating her ordeal to journalists, she said, 

“My father started checking my priv.ate part, to check if I have started mensu.ration in 2014. On a particular day in November of the sam

e year, I was sleeping on the floor of our one room apartment in the night, he removed my wrapper. My step mother was not around that day.

“He used his fingers to touch my priv.ate part and asked if I was menstruating. He also asked me if anybody had ever had s.ex with me, I said no. He said he would use his penis to test me to confirm the truth. That was how he forced his ‘manhood’ on me and covered my mouth not to shout.
“From that time, I started bleeding till morning when I became weak and he did nothing. He warned me not to let anybody know.”

The victim said her father repeated the act on Thursday, March 5, 2015.She continued,

“I was browsing with someone’s phone in the house when he asked me to remove my clothes. He put on condom and had se.x with me. I felt very bad inside me but I could do nothing.
“The next day, I packed my belongings and ran away from the house to a near-by church.
“I really felt humiliated. Before I left, I threw away all the condoms he bought and dropped a note that he should not look for me. At the church, I narrated what happened to me to them and they took the matter to the police.”

According to the Trent,while being paraded before journalists the suspect blamed the act on strange influence which befell him

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