Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Love Flaunting My Boobs: Yoruba actress Anu Sosanya

When ladies who have enough watermelon are talking, this my sister who just manage to get average size is also bragging about flaunting boobs? Issokay! Wetin 'consyn' me? See more photos...

Anu Sosanya is an actress and produces in the Yoruba industry. Read part of her chat with Adaeze:

What parts of your body do you like to flaunt? 
I love to flaunt my lips, skin and boobs. My lips are so soft and kissable because I always treat it right. My skin is soft too and I’m still pampering my boobs. I have got no big boobs but I know how to handle them well.

Have you done a n*de role before? 
Let me start by saying that those who do it don’t do it real, it’s just make-believe. I have also done same but to a limit. Trust me, I have never taken off my clothes before the camera and I would never do it. 

Tell us the qualities of your ideal man. 
He must have a big heart. What I mean by a big heart is that he should love me so much. He should be someone who has a sense of humour. My ideal man should be tall but that is not very important to me. Happiness is what matters most to me. I also like a man I can trust, someone I can be so open-minded with that I won’t have to hide anything from.

What is your philosophy of life? 
My philosophy is never to live someone else’s life, but live your life.

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