Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I’ve Been Sexually Harassed In Nollywood – Actor, Walter Anga Reveals

When we were thinking it was only the females that face the serious problem of s*xual harassment in the movie industry, this comes to light.
The latest story of an actor being sexually harassed is none other Walter Anga.

In a chat with City People, the actor admitted that he has been sexually harassed before. “Interestingly, Yes! And on very many occasions too” confessed Walter Anga.

Walter Anga who is married spoke about how his wife handles the attention he gets from the opposite s*x. According to him his wife is understanding and knows it is the nature of his job.
“I am married with two kids and my wife is a huge fan of my work. Despite a certain widespread misconception, my wife handles the prospect of constant interaction with the opposite s*x at work pretty well. For one, she understands that my job requires such interactions and she appreciates this fact in totality” he said.
Walter Anga and his family

In March 2014, Nollywood producer Ken Okafor said actresses sexually harass movie producers for roles

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