Thursday, August 20, 2015

Woman alleges that her househelp robbed her and absconded

A woman said her newly employed house-help robbed her while she was away from home and absconded. Read her story below...
"I hired a maid, Janet Dina, that's if its her real name through an agent. This girl has worked for me for just a month now. Yesterday, I was supposed to go out with her but she begged me to let her go make her hair. I allowed her and even gave her N2k to use for her hair. I went out and left her at home. When I got back home in the evening with my sister, I realized the door was open. I went to my room and noticed my laptop was missing so was my sisters. Some clothes and bags were also missing.
On realizing I had been robbed, I check in her wardrobe and her clothed and box were missing, so I went to ask my security if they had seen her, they said they saw her leaving with her box and two handbags and when they asked her where she was going she said she was coming to meet me where I was. I usually leave her with my year old son but as God will have it yesterday, I took him out with me. Please if you have any relevant info on this individual you can reach us on this no 08028938448. Thanks.

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