Sunday, September 6, 2015

DJ Lambo Set For Marriage

Popular for her signature tomboy look and Mohawk hairstyle, wave making disc jockey, DJ Lambo has revealed she is set for marriage next year.
Oh! Now you believe tomboys can make a man fall in love and even propose right?
Speaking in a recent interview with the Punch,  DJ Lambo said:
“Have you seen my booty? Despite my looks, I get a lot of advances from men. In fact, I am getting married next year by the grace of God. When I get married I would still be a disc jockey and I doubt anything would change about me. The whole point of being with someone you love is about understanding. It is about being with the person regardless of stereotypes and the norms. If my spouse likes me the way I am, then I don’t see a reason I should change because I am getting married. I’m a non-conformist and a rebel so I would do whatever suits me. Even if I am going to change my style in the long run, it would be because I decided to and not because of what anybody would say or as a result of societal pressure.”
She further revealed that her father is the inspiration behind her career choice.
“My father was a disc jockey and his stage name was, DJ Tony Lewis. He was the one that inspired me to become a DJ. Also my love for music made me to be a part of the entertainment industry,”she said.

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