Saturday, September 12, 2015

Emeka ike cries my wife has Abadoned the children

Children Their Mother Has Abandoned Them
In this exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Nollywood actor Emeka Ike says his children are now asking after their German-Nigerian mother, Suzanne Rero Ike who abandoned them and packed out of her matrimonial home few months ago.
When asked if the children are asking after their mother, the actor said:
“On many occasions, they ask me about their mother and tell me to ask her to come back home but she would say she is not coming and there is nothing I can do. They cannot help it; they miss their mother every day. At first when they asked me, I lied to them telling them their mother would come back and that we had made up. Then the media blew everything out of proportion, the news is all over the internet. I cannot kill myself so I try to explain what is happening to them,”.
emeka ike wife abandon children
The actor added: “God is our strength; He is the blessed assurance and the one that consoles a man in my position. We do all we can to make sure the children get the best. I have an assistant in the house, a male house help and a chauffeur in the house and they all take care of the children when I am away attending to work. I make myself available as much as I can because I am their father and mother right now. It has not been easy acting the role of a father and mother to my children but it has made me to love and appreciate them the more. If I am away from them for more than an hour, I would not be at peace so I have to call home to check on them at regular intervals. As I speak with you, I am on my way to work but I make sure I always call them regularly because I am bothered when I am not with them. But a man has to work to fend for his family. I hardly hang out with friends anymore and immediately I finish from work, I rush home to be with my kids,”.
How can a woman abandon her children just like that?? There is more to this story Emeka is not telling us.

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