Saturday, September 12, 2015

Helen Paul Tatafo: How I Became Famous After Producing A Jingle At Eko FM Reel Mix Studios

Nigerian Comedian Tatafo Narrates Journey To Fame
Popular TV presenter, actress and entrepreneur Helen Paul aka Tatafo has opened up on how a her voice brought her to fame about 15 years ago during a studio session in Lagos.
The rib cracker stated that her journey to stardom began when she had to fill in for a voice over artiste who failed to show up for an appointment for the recording of a jingle at the Eko FM Reel Mix Studios.
In her words:
“This voice has taken me places,” begins Tatafo, “it all began 15 years ago when I was a receptionist at Eko Reel Mix Studios, Lagos. A client wanted to do a jingle and the person in charge hadn’t come and time was running out so I stood in the gap and did the jingle and ever since I have never looked back.”
Tatafo says so impressed were those around a couple of friends called her aside and advised her to pursue a career in showbiz.
“I was so excited after I did the jingle. They told me I could make money from the voice and voila, their words have manifested today. Bayo Adetu, who is now my manager and publicist also wrote about me as an up-and-coming star and his prophecy came through.”
The mother of two is currently doing her PhD at the University of Lagos

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