Monday, September 14, 2015

Woman kidnapped in festac this morning

Friends of Toyin Nwosu say she was kidnapped this morning in Festac town, Lagos around 2:00am right in the presence of her family. She is 40 and a mother of 4. The kidnappers escaped through the canal at Amuwo area and are yet to contact her family. Anyone with any useful info should contact the nearest police station.

What is this country turning into, kidnapping is the other of the day. People playing with people's life. Why would a human being kidnap he fellow human being for money. This isn't funny at all. Government has to do something about this, people no longer go out anymore this days or travel expecially in the eastern part of Nigeria. Now they have circulated it everywhere. This isn't funny anymore. Please Buhari do something about this kidnapping.

Source: Lindaikeji 

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