Thursday, October 22, 2015

Albinos risk persecution in Nigeria? Since when?

Worthy to note is that the family who claim this is trying to seek asylum in Italy. According to the parents of the little girl who were living in troubled Libya but left because of the violence that broke out, they know they can not return to their native Imo State because of their daughter - Jasmine's condition. 'Her hair is blonde, her eyes are blue and her skin is noticeably fairer than her brother’s. They claim they risk persecution in Nigeria if they return here with her. Are Albinos in danger in Nigeria? Maybe there's something I don't know...

In the village where her 24-year-old mother Shalom grew up in southeast Nigeria, girls like Jasmine are seen as bearers of bad luck, according to a reporter who spoke to the family.

They are frequently attacked and sometimes even killed. In many parts of Africa, their body parts are sold to witch doctors and used in rituals.' According to Jasmine's mother, 'We can’t go back there because we’re scared she might be kidnapped. jasmine’s never met my mother, my sisters or my brothers, but they understand we can’t return.' The family now hopes to claim asylum in Italy.
 Photo Credit: UNHCR/Alessandro Penso.

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