Thursday, December 31, 2015

Am Inlove With My EX, And He Is Married. GPB Reader Cries!!!!

I am in my early 20s and a graduate. I had a boyfriend in 2012. We loved each other, he is my first love, I was a virgin but we never had s3x. It turned out that my mum didn't like him for some strange reason. Mum perceived he wasn't responsible. Eventually I found out he had lied to be a graduate just to win my heart because he claimed he loved me(he was a School certificate holder). When he had financial issues, I still was there for him...until he decided to shut me out which eventually led to our breakup. We were on and off for sometime. In late 2013,  I started dating someone who has been awesome and sweet although 11years older. I love him so much that I lost 'it' to him (infact we are engaged). About 7months ...heard my liar ex was getting married, he came visiting while I was serving in Ibadan (apparently he looked comfortable) hoping to tell me but I guess he was too scared. After he got married in September this year, i told him how heartbroken I felt and all, then we started dating again secretly. The problem is, I'm getting to love him over,...again, I don't feel alright without hearing from him in a day, I feel a very severe pain in my heart. I think I'm obsessed with him. Though, none of the spouses are suspicious and our affair isnt affecting them. I don't know what to do, should I just continue or end it (I fear it might not end well).
Please I need your advice.
The End


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