Thursday, December 31, 2015

Is He Worth Being Your Boyfriend?

Post is self explanatory and is to every lady out there that wants to know if he's the right partner to plan your future with, if he worth being your partner....

How do you know your Nigerian boyfriend is lazy bone? without much ado, let's go straight to the center of gravity.

1. He's always broke. If your boyfriend is always complaining of lack of fund and cannot take the financial responsibilities of things such as, shoping, house rent, food e.t.c he's not worthy.

2. -X He smokes weed. Weed smokers are like monkeys that's happy with the bananas but doesn't knw the bananas will later cause their ruine. Guys that smokes weed can be loud, outgoing but they are d worst type of boyfriends you can ever imagine of keeping.

3. He procastinates responsibilities that must be done and shifts the blame on you.

4. He's always having time for sex/demanding for sex than the betterment of the relationship. he simply wants to use you and dumb.

5. Have you ever watched him argue, fight, carrying sticks and bottles e.t.c weapons before he can defend himself or disrespecting elders? dont be impressed by such display.. he suppose to resolve matters amicably in a more matured way rather than to fight.

6.  Is he a chronic gossiper that cannot keep secretes of the relationship? it simply means he's lazy and immature with it.(double wahala).

7.  Does he pop pills, alcohol before he can perform sexually? you dont want to marry such man.

8. Is he of help in the house chores like cleaning, cutting grasses in the garden/compound, washing, can he cook?

9. Is he having a reliable and secured job? This matters in every relationships.

10. Lastly, boyfriend must be more of action than end time talkatives...who only knows how to see your mistakes without seeing theirs. tosyne2much will belong to this category.

11. He must be hygienic

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