Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Taste Of True Love

LOVE and LIFE are corelated,life will be beautiful
only if we love
everythying in this life,,every one might have
faced true love in thier
lifes ,but very few will be knowing about its pain .
Whats meant by True love ?
Many people might have tasted its sweetness ,,and
same number of people got
cheated too .I dont know to which group i belongs
too ,i strongly believe
in things that ,winning will says to this world" what you
are ??" ,,but failure in things makes us to
understand "what world is
???".so i always enjoy my failure in my
life ..ofcourse my failure is one
of the strongest reason for making me to pen my
life ..
Finally a day came ,i was faced that question by my
dad as he found that im
writing a book,i replied 'A girl cheated in my life i
requested her to come
back ,, and ofcourse i am waiting for the one who
will never come again,i
did all the things that i can but she didnt" and she
is the reason for
breaking my heart into piecies,, i am waiting with
every broken piece and
i am waitng for a day that she will come to me and
i will be waiting for
her forever ..and if god give me a chance,,, now to i
will use my choice for
making her to understand my love on her ,as love
on her is more than me "
My dad welcomed my answer with precious
hug .To know about the things
happened in my life and about my love we have to
go JUNE .24 .2011.
I will meet u all, in the book which is a box of
fun ,hapiness ,love and
its feelings written by me in the name of ,TASTE

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