Sunday, January 3, 2016

10 Interesting Facts About Kissing

couple-kissing-passionately-e12983656568641) Kissing is a dirty act. Just one kiss with tongue can transmit up to 278 types of bacteria. Boys and girls, watch your oral hygiene please. 2) Sensitivity of the lips is 200 times higher than that of the fingers. 3) While kissing, your body produce a substance that is 200 times more powerful than morphine in terms of narcotic effect.
4) An act of kissing puts 29 facial muscles in motion. Kissing can be used as an effective exercise to prevent the development of wrinkles.
5) Onur Guentuerkuen of Ruhr-University Bochum in Bochum, Germany, studied hundreds of couples kissing. In his study, he found that two-thirds of people turn their heads to the right when kissing

6) During a kiss, natural antibiotics are secreted in the saliva. Also, the saliva contains a type of anesthetic that helps relieve pain.
7) Those who kiss quite frequently are less likely to suffer from stomach, bladder and blood infections.
8 ) It is possible for a woman to reach an o****m through kissing
9) 92 % of women close their eyes for a kiss, but 50% of men keep them open.
10) Kissing at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony can be traced to ancient Roman tradition where a kiss was used to sign contract.
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