Thursday, January 7, 2016

5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Relationship

Well, this is usually the case when you decide to date someone while overlooking their flaws and shortcomings with the hope that things would turn out better in time.
This is simply settling for less than you deserve out of fear of being alone or because you have predicted the perfect life with this person.
Still wondering what the signs are? Here are 5 things that show your relationship is wrong for you:
1. You keep fantasizing about who or what you want your lover to be while forgetting who they truly are: It’s very easy to overlook your someone’s flaws and incompatibilities at the beginning of a relationship but it’s advisable to stop fantasizing and see your partner for who they really are.
2. Y’all Goals Don’t Align: When you don’t believe in each other’s dreams, it can spell a big problem for your relationship. The strongest relationships have some sort of partnership between both parties involved and if there isn’t, then it’s advisable to take a break or just call it a day. It saves the pain.

3. You are only dating your partner because it’s very convenient and comfortable: You know that moment when you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone simply because you feel it’s the safest for you even though you know there’s no connection? Well, that’s another sign that the relationship won’t work out.
4. You boo doesn’t have your best interest at heart: They tend to criticise the tiniest thing you do, and you suddenly feel inadequate because you lack moral support from your partner. They constantly bully you, even in the presence of friends and family members. That’s another sign right there.
5. You feel insecure in a relationship than when you were single: Doubting yourself in a relationship is really unhealthy because you start feeling your self-worth depends on how highly your partner thinks of you. Being in the right relationship does a lot of improvement to your self-confidence and inner satisfaction.
Over To You!
Now that you’ve been exposed to the possible signs that can help you detect easily, whether or not, that relationship of yours is the right one or otherwise, I really hope you learn to take the right action!
You don’t wanna stay in a wrong relationship when these signs are evident, best you take action soon!
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