Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 thing every woman should know

I interviewed an old woman lately, 80 years old and married for 52 years. She gave me the recipes everyone woman should have. Her guides would 'make' love and keep it in the pink.

The summary of her words:

1. Don't go mad to bed, no matter what happens. Resolve your conflicts always before bed time.

Ability to resolve conflicts QUICKLY is important for healthy homes.
2. Keep clean always... Its important. No sweaty, sticky body or armpit. No smelly bra or panties. No smelly mouth or breath. No menstrual stains all around. Being clean attracts.

Even your private parts must always smell nice and well trimmed. I mean it. If its not pleasant to his eyes and nose, it sure will keep him far from your 'fruits.'

Stay clean, smell nice.

3. Stay attractive, always. Don't walk around with wrappers, looking like his grand mother. Don't leave your hair overdue for too long. Keep your beauty and charm even when you make babies.

Don't be too busy to take care of yourself. Beware of those wild and dangerous girls out there... They will do just anything to get men.

Don't give him reasons to look out. Beauty charms

4. Look smart and try ur possible best always to be in shape. I know dis is not easy, but, its extremely important. U can do it, u can work yourself to shape. Men love it.

5. Don't stop developing urself after marriage. If getting more degrees is what u want, do it. U must have something doing, business, at least.

Make money and support your family. It's important.

Be well

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