Wednesday, January 6, 2016

8 Advantages Of Being Stingy To Ladies

 know that most ladies will tongue-lash me for putting up an article of this nature but that will not stop me from saying the truth.
For a guy who wants to know the real colour of a lady, part of it is exhibiting stingy attitude to know how she will react towards him and the advantages of being stingy to ladies are as follows;
1. To know if a lady truly loves you
Many atimes when a lady notices that a guy is broke or gives unending excuses to meeting her financial demands, she will say he is too stingy, hence disappear like speed of light. However, the best way to put a lady into test is pretend to be broke and don’t give her a kobo. Some of them will lose interest at once

.2. To avoid being placed in maga-zone
Some guys are always in the habit of subscribing data, sending recharge cards, money and expensive gifts to win a lady’s heart. In order to avoid being a victim, be blunt that you can’t render such service and watch her reaction.
3. Your future is secured
One of the advantage of being stingy to ladies is that a guy channel his money to personal projects like career and business development. Spending money unnecessarily all for kitty-cat, will not make you save for the future.
4. To Identify ladies who are prudent in spending
Ladies who know that money is not plucked from trues understand why some guys are stingy because they themselves are diligent and prudent in spending unlike some ladies who spend money anyhow as if there is no tomorrow. However, being stingy helps to know if a lady is dependent or not.
5. To know a lazy girl
Guys know that one of the main turn off in a lady is being stingy. So as a result of this, they deliberately become stingy just to know if a lady is lazy or not.
6. To know ladies whose love does not depend on money
This is similar to point one but it’s quite different. We all know that ladies naturally get turned on when they spot a rich dude but when dating him and they discover that he is quite stingy, they will quit the relationship ASAP meanwhile he may be devising ways to know if her love is not focus on money.
7. To know a lady that will stand by him during financial crisis in marriage
For those in relationships, it’s advisable for a guy in some occasions to turn down the financial request of her girlfriend to know how she will react to financial crisis in marriage because most ladies don’t have that luxury of endurance to persevere marital recession.
8. To know a lady who is satisfied with the little she possess
Most ladies expect a guy to foot all the bills during shopping, hang outs and dates. If you tell them that you cant afford the bills, the next thing they will do is to disgrace and tag you a wretched man but for a lady who is satisfy with the little she have will not ask for financial help when she understands his message “I can’t spend”.

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