Wednesday, January 13, 2016

" Am Pregnant For My Father Please Help "

 I am in a state of confusion, I really need to say this out here, this story am about to say is still a secret, but since my identity is not revealed am safe.
Hi , Genny

 I just finished my secondary school last year, am waiting for my admission into the university.  I have actually made my Waec and Neco. I am from a family of 3, two boys and am the last born and a girl too.

My mum is a banker, she works with one of the reputable banks in Nigeria. She is hardly at home, comes home late at night. My dad is a contractor, but he is a very strict man. That he doesn't allow me to out, visit friends, go to party.

I only go to church, and stay at home all day. He dosen,t even allow my female friends visit me at home. It was so frustrating. I have a boyfriend then in school. He also can't come and see me. We only talk on phone.

One day, I gave him the idea of disguising himself as a girl, to come n visit me. He agreed. Two days later, he wore wig, put clothes like a
breast, and made up like a girl. It was funny though, my dad wasn't even happy a female friend came to visit me.

But he had no choice because I insisted that we
wanted to study. And after some minutes he
left, that was a nice moment we had.

After 3 months, I fell sick, and I was rushed to the hospital, and the doctor said I was pregnant. I was asked who pregnant ed  me.

       "I Said it was my father "

Please the allegations is it wrong, she I say the truth how my boyfriend came in and disguised as a girl.

What should I do?

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