Monday, January 18, 2016

Are you excited for your wedding night

That’s the question I’ve heard more often than I’ve wanted to. I’ve heard dozens of wedding-night stories (some in more detail than necessary), and even more wedding-night jokes. Even after getting engaged, I find that I’m thinking about the getaway car and the honeymoon more than the decorations or first dance. But there’s one problem

I don’t want to have s*x on my wedding night
And no, it’s not because I’m scared, insecure, or uptight. I want to break down all my preconceived thoughts about the honeymoon and remember these three things:

1. Don’t rush the moment

I had a friend who got married and had a great day, but she and her groom rushed to the hotel room after their wedding day and felt miserable. Why? Because they immediately
went straight to the bed,
had s*x, and went to sleep. They barely kissed, and the new wife felt horrible.

Once you get to the hotel room, take your time. In fact, any time you have s*x with your spouse, you should enjoy the moment. Take off your wedding clothes & freshen up. One couple I know even read through their guest book and cards before getting in the mood. You have all night, all honeymoon, & all of your live.

2. Don’t put the honeymoon before your wedding

Don’t push past your friends and loved ones to leave the reception. So many people who have loved and supported you will take time out of their lives to celebrate your marriage. Everyone
 is Don’t forget that or take it for granted, no matter how much you’re ready to leave or how tired you are.

I also don’t want to forget the morning of my wedding, surrounded by my mother and sisters and eagerly waiting to see my almost-husband. I don’t want to forget the way my family looks at me and admires the light that will shine from my smile. for you and your new spouse.

3. Don’t forget to love each other

Beyond the bedroom and after the fairytale week, it may be easy to forget. You’ll forget to pick up a gallon of milk; he’ll forget to tell you about that golf tournament he has to go to. The fairy tale may seem not-so-fairytale anymore. But through it all, never forget that you chose this person and they chose you.

I’m excited for my wedding night, yes, but I’m more excited for our marriage.Showing our love will happen naturally on my wedding night—I’m not nervous about that. But I don’t want
to just have s*x because it’s a checklist item
that we have to do.
 I want to have all the right feelings and memories behind it. I don’t want to just have s*x on my wedding night because I want something so much more.

What about you?

Comment your views.

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