Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Could this be love or lust

I met a guy in 2013 when i came to school. He was caring for the first few months. I don't know what happened to him maybe because I didn't give him s3x. I told him we can't have s3x that if he truly loves me he should wait till marriage. He agreed after 7months of our relationships he changed. Checking online porn and all.

Chatting with different girls online because we stayed together for like 2years. I wash his clothes every sunday, cook for him, if am too lazy or weak to wash it he will say tell me if you can't wash it (aggressive voice). Now that we aren't staying together again he has changed towards me and doesn't call me. It's like am forcing myself on him which is making him proud.

Telling me a lot of girls likes him, he's cute they all want to have him they want to have my
 number blah blah. I did a lot for this guy like
spending money, share my pocket money into two equal parts and be lying to my parents so they can send more money. I bought a car for him, he had an accident with the car i stood by him to repair the car and keep lying to my parents that my school fees has increased. He's no cheating on me with another girl and still keep saying they're just friends and nothing is going on between them despite she wears his clothes in his room, post his pictures on social
media. I don't know if I should let go or I should
still stay. I heard that if you're not after a guy's money or you stand by him in time of trouble, that that's when he will love you more.

Mine is a different case. I'm even scared to talk to him to have a one on one discussion with him. I can't say my mind to him. I can't say how i feel to him. It's either he shouts or not give me an answer. I'm so confused, i've heard a lot from people and anytime i ask him about the lady he keeps getting angry and shouting at me. I'm emotionally down.

Advise Please.


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  1. Forget him. You don't force yourself to a guy who truely loves you. Love is reciprocal


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