Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Couple; How to Make your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Miss You

1. Stay Busy and Let Him Miss You
If there is a mistake that most women make when they are in a relationship, it is being too available.
In the recent times when the economy is so dreadful every man wants a lady who is always busy making money or doing something else in that regards. Let’s face it all, we also get bored when a person cannot give us any breathing space. It is the high time that women become responsible and get busy.
The bottom line for this is that you can make your boyfriend miss you by not letting him take you for granted.
2. Become a Hard Nut to Crack
How many times have you rearranged your schedule to avail yourself when you are busy? Ladies, for Pete’s sake, play hard to get. Do not miss your girls’ night just because he called the last minute. Have time to yourself and let him go on bended knees.
3. Give him Space
Some women like stalking their men. If he loves hanging out with his `boys’ do not get into his way. Let him have fun and spend time with his friends. By doing this you will give him time to miss you because men become bored going out with friends as time goes by. So the next time he wants to go for a baseball game with his buddies give him a hug and tell him to take care.
4.  Do Not Call Him Unless He Calls You
Do not be the type that always bomber your boyfriend with messages asking him why he has not called for the past two hours? No man loves a nagging woman. Ladies, if you want to make him miss you let him always call you because he misses you.

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