Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dating ?: 5 Things You Should Never Tell Her


So, you are finally dating your dream girl and you’re starting to take her for granted. Here are five things you should never say to her if you want to keep her a little longer.
“You’re being too Emotional”
Aside a few exceptions, the human woman is by far the most emotional of the female species. Periodic and unwarranted crying, getting angry over regular conversations and being unnecessarily worried about your whereabouts  are some of the ways she shows her  “Love” and “Affection”.
One of the most insensitive things to do is referring to her as being too emotional
How much money you have
When it comes to money, she doesn’t have to know much about you. It is not advisable to disclose your earnings in full detail to her. It is rather better to avoid related discussion and when that is not possible, respond maturely.
Never brag about what you have or how much you have saved up. Let’s face it, no woman likes a bragging man: bragging may get her but it definitely won’t keep her. No woman wants a “kiss and tell”.
s*x Talk
To the average guy, s*x is something that earns them bragging rights. They discuss it among friends and make it look like the world revolves  around it. Dude, the sad truth is s*x isn’t exactly a pleasant topic of discussion for a woman. And this includes women that are very much into ‘it’.
As harmless a question as whether she pleasures herself or not may seem, it can make the entire conversation go awry. Last word – Unless she brings it up, don’t!
“It’s just a…”
Whether it’s a cat, a dog or more annoyingly a teddy bear, avoid giving the ‘it’s just a…’ description. Generally, ladies are more attached to their possessions and seem to actually part with a chunk of themselves when they lose things.
When she loses her cat and begins to cry, no need to remind her “it’s just a cat”. Everyone hates being reminded the obvious; if she wants to bury it, dig the grave.
No need telling her how much it ‘s worth
This is bound to jump on your mind every now and then, especially if you’re dating an insensitive woman.
However, you would agree with me its quiet annoying to receive a gift and be told how much it’s worth. If you took her on an expensive date yesterday and she is asking for a few bucks today, however tempting it is, don’t tell her you got an advance to fulfill that date. Better smile and find a technical way to say “can’t afford that”. Trust me, she’ll understand.

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