Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don,t know what to call myself, fool, stupid or victim of love + he turned me into his Atm machine

I met this guy through a friend of mine,he added me on blackberry we got along after a while we decided to start dating ,he was loving,caring,romantic,I had an accident he will bath me ,feed me,assist me in doing things,any lady who meets such a man will jump at him which I did with all my heart and life ,his financial status was not okay he told me he was into business which I believe,met his family and
he also met my family, 3 month into the relationship he asked me for 200k I  transferred it & that was how I became ATM , spent my savings on him,sold my gold and land to pay his house rent in lekki,paid for his visa and trip abroad ,went for bank loan, all this within 2years,I only thing I noticed was he always avoided us been together in public,
& I will make excuses for him within me, and when I ask he will say he is broke,we never had issues has long as the money kept on rolling in, until the day I made the wrong biz deal & was financially down, he asked for money I said I don't have, the money stopped getting to him, when I called him I had issue with the police he said "madam what do u expect me to do they will release u, u are a babe

he later sent message that he needs a break,I pleaded, cried, if any 1 asked why? he will say"she didn't do anything wrong nor offend him, its not just working" I reduced from 14 to 6,cause I was in the shock for months . its almost 6mths now I can't even give other guys a chance in my life ,cause am scared they will do the same to me...I don't no what to do .

What do I do?

The end

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