Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don,t know what to do !!!!

I met this guy February last year at a friends party. We started talking and later exchanged contacts. After about three months of constant calls and chats he asked me out and we started dating. We were cool together and he introduced me to his friends. He loved me so much and would do anything I wanted and I love him too.

I later got to know that he has a girlfriend and when I confronted him he said she is his ex and is only begging him to forgive her so they can get back together. I didn't argue with him and didn't bring up the issue, but later found out that he lied to me when I saw her missed calls and messages on him(not stalking him...received the message when I was with his phone).
I pretended like nothing happened and never...

...talked about the text. By October, he started acting strange,stopped visiting & anytime I want to pay him a visit, he tells me not to come & that he's very busy. He started ignoring my calls & pings. All these and some other things got me worried and I decided to sit him down & ask what's wrong.
He gave no genuine reason for his actions and apologized, but didn't...
...change a single bit. Then two weeks ago,he sent me a text telling me that he's no more interested in the relationship, and that he started keeping distance from me because he doesn't love me anymore and don't want to use me cos I have not wronged him in anyway.
I haven't  been myself since then because I still love him so much.

Pls, my fellow subs,I need your advice cos he told me to choose between leaving the relationship or continue like I don't care about losing him later. Now I'm confused and don't know what to do.

Advise Please.


Final Post!

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