Thursday, January 7, 2016

REVEALED: Many Beautiful Ladies Can’t Get Married OR Stay In Marriage

Do you know that majority of women who find it difficult to get married and those who get married but after a short time they are sent away by their husband are ladies who think of themselves as beautiful?
They feel too big and even pretend to be what they are not. It’s complicated! Read this expose…
Have you heard women complain about that there are no serious men to marry these days? According to these women, who are often in their late 20s and 30s, men just want to date – not to settle down.
But these ladies fail to understand is that real men are very particular when it comes to choosing someone for a serious relationship that could possibly lead to marriage.
A woman can be beautiful, intelligent and ambitious, but all these good virtues can be nullified by one or two negative traits. The following are some of the traits affecting such ladies:
1) The ‘Socialite mentality’
The ‘socialite mentality’ is a disease that seems to have afflicted most 20-something year old ladies. Signs of this malady are manifested by sudden realization that they are the ‘hottest’ in their area.
The infected wear skimpy clothes, and capture their ‘amazing’ outfits on android phone and proceed to post these pictures on social media for attention.
Ladies, if you want to capture attention and earn the respect of  people, go the Lupita Nyon’go way. Explore your talents, develop your ideas and work relentlessly until you break a record. Then the men leading equally successful lives will come for you and have you for keeps.
2) Anti-family
Any responsible man holds his family with highest regard. He will go out of his way to create time for his parents and take very good care of them at all cost. Before considering a lady for a serious relationship, a man will first try to ascertain her view towards family.
If she disrespects her parents, lives oblivious of her siblings and talk down on people then she is considered anti-family. In the guy’s mind the lady will make a poor wife..just play with her and move on.
There is also a crop of ladies who are so close to their fathers/mothers yet raise ruckus whenever the guy wants to spend some quality time with his family, especially his mother. Trying to compete with a guy’s mother for his attention is a crazy idea.

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