Friday, January 8, 2016

FIne Boys Are Heart Breakers!!!!

My name is Chioma, I was a sweet pretty girl who stays with her elder sister in Enugu. I just finished my secondary school 2012 here in Enugu.

My sister had her first issue a boy and asked me to come and stay with her. Staying with her was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was the best sister anyone would ever have.

One day on my way to make my hair, I had someone wisper " Hello " I knew it was a male voice but I behaved as if I didn't hear, and suddenly someone touched me, I felt cold inside of me. I felt the warmth of his hand. I turned around, I saw a sweet handsome young man, dressed so lovely I fell inlove immediately. But as naive girl I pretended.

He said his name was ifeanyi, I told him my
name too never knew we stayed close to each other. After that day we kept on seeing and gradually I started developing love for ifeanyi, but I was a naive girl who dosen,t know what love was all about and I was also a virgin.

One faithful day on 8th of August 2013 I always visit him at home when his elder brother
travels. On the day that I visited ifeanyi and as usual we where gisting all of a sudden two of his friends came into the house and I was like who are these people, he said I shouldn't worry that's they are his friends. He reached to the fridge and brought out juice and poured for me Ina glass, and asked me to drink, I told him I was fine that I don't want to take anything he insisted.

I drank the juice, after some minutes I felt dizzy and passed out. When I got myself was in the

night with blood all over me and him and his friends where naked. They all raped me, I told him ifeanyi I thought you loved me.

He laughed and said Love dosen,t exist please
get out of my house. I couldn't tell anyone not
even my sister.

This is my story. This is the first time am saying
it out after this years. Now am married with

Thanks Genny for sharing my story.



  1. Hmmmmmm..... Rape is not a good experience, I have read similar story like this, but, frankly speaking the trauma of a rape victim is too thick to flush..... 9ice one Genny

  2. This is so happy you have move on. Nice one genny


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