Friday, January 15, 2016

He is very high tempered!!!

Thanks for the good job admin! I've been keeping this relationship for 8months now, though this guy is good to me, but the issue is his temperament. He flares up at any little issue that he can just ignore even when we go out on a date... He's quick to insult at any little issue. I will even be the one to stop and beg him most times if he wanna start a scene as usual.

Yesterday, we went to watch Arsenal match despite being moody to go with him but later did cus I wanna make him happy. Arsenal was defeated, before I knew what was going on, my guy started calling a fellow guy all sort of names just bcus the guy laughed at Arsenal. I begged him to be mature & let the guy be but he insisted me & later ended it with live boxing with this guy.

I was so embarrassed and couldn't help myself. When we got home, I let him knew that he really embarrassed me by fighting in public knowing fully well I was there with him, but he wasn't sorry about it and still gave a reason to fighting. I'm fed up, Pls what do I do?

Advise Please.


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