Sunday, January 24, 2016

He is married, But we are inlove!!!

I will be 28 this July, I met this guy of 34 yrs during my service year and we became so close that people at our working place  kept saying I came to chanced them.  Initially this guy told me he's married with kids, but the family resides in IB. We started our friendship and the intimacy is even more than that of some married...

...couple. I thought everything was going to end after service but rather it got stronger and deeper. He asked me if I would go for my masters immediately after service and the next thing was him saying he will like me to go and do that in the USA.  I thought he was joking, a week later he invited a man that told me the requirements for masters program in the

...USA and who is going to help me out for the VISA processing. I was told to write TOEFL and GRE, he paid for both the reg and tutorials in which I did n passed very well. He processed the admission and I was given. I've been given a date at the Embassy for my visa. It was after this, that he told me he's relocating to the USA.
...(him alone) but the family will be in Nigeria and he's going to leave by February or latest March and my school is resuming by Feb too. Now this guy is asking me to marry him but he said he didn't't want to tell me before cos I might not want to be a second wife or I might even reject his proposal but he know we both love each other and that was why he said I should go and do my masters prog in the USA. Let me cut the long story short, I'm confused. What should I do?

Please I need your advice.

The End.

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