Thursday, January 21, 2016

He wants to have sex with me + am in a tight corner!!!

My husband used to drive a tipper which he use to supply sharp sand to building sites but ever since the car broke down and was further vandalized at the mechanic workshop, My husband has remained jobless, my husband now is so poor that he cannot feed the family. Since then life at home has been hell, He is always angry & has taking to finishing the drinks in my shop.

I am the one feeding him and our children with the little money which l make from my business. I sell drinks and pepper soup. One of my customers is a managing director of one big company. So l told him about my husband. I beg him to give my husband a Job in his company. The man accepted to employ my husband.
my husband will be given a car and a salary of #300,000 monthly.

But The man said he will employ my husband under one condition,l must have sex with him. I am not a saint and I don't mind sleeping with him to get my husband back on his feet because looking at him sulk everyday and depend on me breaks my heart. My only problem is that this man lives in our neighbourhood and may not stop after sleeping with me once like he promised.
I also have reservation about men that drink in beer parlours because I always hear them talking their secret sex adventures when they are drunk. I am worried that I may soon become a topic if I agree but I really need this man to save my family. The school fees of my kids this january has not been payed and honestly there is nothing else I can do.
My husband even suggested that we send our 14yr old son to boyi boyi (apprentice at Onitsha Main market) as we cant afford to let him into SS1. I am confused and i know I have to sleep
with this man but how do I ensure my privacy
and how do I make sure It doesn't continue.

 He said if l agree to sleep with him just once only,he will employ my husband instantly but l should not tell my husband that he sleep with me, we should just do it secretly and then he will employ my husband and be giving me money to enlarge my business? I need your advice please,am in a tight corner now...

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