Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Help! My ex wants to kill himself

I met this dude 7 months ago, he's 25 and I'm 24,(I'm hopeless romantic, I foolishly believe in love) we loved each other very much. We had our ups and down in the relationship. I don't ask for anything cuz he doesn't have anything. Last 2 months he started hanging out with some guys and some girls too, I didn't have any problem with that but it became a problem...

...when I noticed he changed and started hiding these so called "female friends",so I began snooping around and I found a conversation between him and his male friend, in that conversation,he told the guy he's not sure of me anymore and that he's inlove with another. I was very heartbroken when I saw this then I decided to take the first step and break up "gradually",I guess it was what he actually
wanted cus he didn't even blink.I confronted
him(that was after the breakup) and he told me
that he doesn't love me anymore and even if I kissed him,he won't kiss me back,and he wanted to just be there till I actually find out and breakup.

He also told me about a girl he has a mad crush on, and another very pretty girl he likes,and
that he's doing what every normal guy does. when they see a pretty girl(I guess every normal guy leaves their gfs for a prettier gf) I felt sooo unpretty,(imagine a pretty babe feeling unpretty). The thing is I've moved on, he's been
 asking for forgiveness and all that, I told him I've forgiven him but I can't be with him and I asked him if the...

...girls died and if they are not dead, he should go and fall inlove with them cuz I don't understand why he changed his mind. He told me he's changed, he was a boy now he's a man,he was just tired of crying for me and he just wants to face the truth that he can't live without me and yesterday he came to my house with the pretence he wanted to collect...

...something, he started freaking me out, stabbing himself with a pen and blood was gushing out(a lil) he aimed for the knife and we struggled, he wants to kill himself to prove that he's really sorry and still in love with me. I do not love the person I'm going out with currently buh I deserve  peace of mind and he gives me that with money on top of it. Should I leave a... yrs) that actually provides for me for an unreliable dude who is claiming to be better?
Should I go back to him so he doesn't kill himself? or I should just let him do whatever he wants? I love him, no doubt but I don't want to make a foolish decision.
Please I need your advice.
The End.

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