Friday, January 29, 2016

I am emotionally stressed

Been out of real love and admiration in a long time and then this guy came around with all the complications.
I met him at a girlfriends wedding on Dec 2014. He took my number and we talked just for few days and for no clear reason, we stopped. Only last year Dec did my girl friend call me to ask if I remembered such person and then, I did but that was all.

She told me how he said he stopped calling because he felt I was a social freak. Then I waved it but I remembered I really liked him and admired him a lot. Then again she told me she gave her a friend of ours contact since he said he needed a serious relationship to settle down. I felt bad because I liked him yet, I let is slide.

Only for him to bump into me at my girlfriend's house this year January and everything rekindled. We started talking, chatting and calling a lot and I really fell for him this time but, each time, I remember he is in contact with another girlfriend of mine whom I don't know how serious they may be. He doesn't know I am friends with her though.

He calls me often and we are really getting too close. He shows me a lot of affection. He wants me to visit. He has not made any proposals to me, i guess he is taking his time but, i am really falling for him.
I am confused, should I ask him of this other girl? Should I open up my emotions to him? Confused

Please what should I do?

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