Saturday, January 30, 2016

I am not a catholic, despite the fact, I started following him to catholic church.

I am 25 & he's 35. I met this guy in April last year in his office while I went to complete the requirements for my new job.
We started dating in May but before then he defined d r/ship telling me that he wants to court me & settle down as soon as possible.

According to him, he was supposed 2 wed his ex last year but d girl jilted him on d grounds dat he doesn't have d kind of money she wants yet & he had gone 4 d girl's introduction & all dat.
He was so caring, he called me on phone regularly everyday. We loved each other so much & had rounds of sex. After 3months I started bothering about meeting his family since it was a courtship.

One day he told me dat his parents disagreed about us bcos I am not a catholic despite d fact dat I started following him 2 catholic church.

As time passed, I kept asking when I will meet his people, he kept giving me excuse & because I was working in a bank, I had opportunity of meeting guys who were asking me out but I declined them all because I loved my guy.
In october, he changed automatically & reduced d way he called me & even became less caring.I tried 2 figure out what d problem was but 2 no avail.He was transferred out of Enugu to PH & we had worked my NYSC posting 2 Enugu, I am no longer working but serving. I asked him time without number if there was something I did wrong 2 him, he said no.

One day in december, I asked him his plan 4 our relationship, he told me dat if I see a guy I like, I should marry him, that there is no plan. He said it doesn't mean he's breaking up with me. I was heart broken. I cried terribly dat day. And since dat day things grew worse, he hardly calls me on phone. Right now, I am confused, I need a sincere advice.

Is it dat dis guy came into my life 2 deceive me or what?. I find it difficult 2 move ahead. I still believe things will fall into place.

What do u guys think?

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