Friday, January 15, 2016

I am tired of my husband,s Behaviour!!!

I'm 10yrs in marriage. My husband has the habit of keeping malice in any small argument. It wasn't like that earlier. He was very fat before but immediately he slimmed down, we started having problems everytime. He keeps late nights, don't stay at home during the weekends to spend time with me and the children. When he comes back, he complains at any small

I believe something is wrong. Because for a small difference he will go blank with me. Cut me off completely for 4 to 5 months. Even when I talk to him he won't reply. It's as if he has that excuse to do all kinds of things. He has password in everything like phone, computer, locks any box that he has. He is very secretive. It's as if am living with a stranger or room mate. 

He doesn't like going out with me to meet his friends. I'm just tired of this whole marriage bcus i believe my kids are noticing the behaviour. 

Please, help me and advice on what to do.


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