Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Brought my mother in-law in, and she ended my marriage. .

I'm 33 years I have a friend whom I met on pinshare 2011, we always talk. He was in a relationship then so he always tells me about his relationship with his girlfriend. In 2012, the lady broke up with him and I asked him why he told me he did not know why. That the lady just said she is no more interested in him. As we were mere friends, I told him to ‎forget about  it & move on with his life.

Then I was having unstable relationship as well, we became more intimate & he asked me out!. We started dating Oct., 2012. We had our introduction & fixed our wedding for Feb., 14th 2013. I brought his mother home cos his mother has left his dad 17yrs ago....both parted ways. They both av gotten remarried but I brought his mother back cos she was suffering.

I never knew dat will end my marriage. A month after our marriage his mother started fighting with me, telling me I cant move her from her child's house that she has been with him Since he was a child. I started having issues with my husband two month after our wedding.
We parted cos of his mother's issues with me. Now he is married with kid(s). He has sent his mother away and i'm here thinking about divorce before I could remarry. Please, what do I do.?

Advise Please.


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