Friday, January 15, 2016

I caught her pants down, does she deserve yet another chance!!!

Hello sub my name is E... Pls, I need ur advice on this issue...I have this girl I've been dating for many years. Though things re not that smooth but we end up coming back to each other. I love this girl so much that I try all I could to make sure she is happy but early this year something happened.

I found out she was double dating and when I confronted her & told her I can't continue the relationship she cried & begged me to forgive her which I did cos I don't like seeing her in tears. Barely 3 months later, I caught her pants down with a guy she claimed was her brother. She cried & begged again that it was the work of the devil & that such will never happened again & she swore with her womb & her mother's health never to cheat on me again if I forgive her.

I did, but the truth is that something in me died off that day & the memory keeps flashing in & it
hurts me a lot...Now I want to enter into another relationship & see if it will work or not but my conscience will not allow me. Though she is now like trying to show me love & care but for me it's like she is pretending & again am scared to break her heart cos I know if I should call the relationship off it will hurt her a lot.

But I can't stand that memory and seeing this guy around her makes me nervous even though she is now like a born again and will do anything just to prove to me she loves me.

I'm still thinking either to try another or still give her a chance. Pls, help me cos am confused and I dnt wanna make mistake.

Advise Please.



  1. If truly she's been d one messing up, why don't u quit for a while and focus on your career, though u didn't specify ur age but it will do u good if u attend to ur needs n leave relationship out for a while, chances are that you will find a better person who will love u n b faithful to you

  2. A cheat is always a cheat, no matter what.


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