Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I feel like he will sag my boobs before I give birth.

I don't know if this is normal, but my boyfriend cries when he's ejàculáting. I'm scared of telling anyone my problems because the last time I did, they snatched my man. My boyfriend cries, when I say cry,  I'm not joking, I mean he cries like a baby and as he cùms you could hear him scream with tears in his eyes, grabbing my b00bs with so much force that it hurts...

...badly. I have noticed that if he doesn't drag my b00bs hard, he won't come, so as he drags it, he shouts and cries and it's very embarrassing. He just proposed to me but I'm scared because I feel like he will sag my b00bs before I give birth. And I also feel like he has something wrong with him because the shouting is not normal. I have talked to him about it but...

....he said it's his nature. Please I want to know if you all think it's normal or does he have a disease? Or could it be that I'm too sweet for him? I just feel very uncomfortable with the shouting, crying, dragging of b00bs drama. Will it be stupid to reject the ring?

Please I need your advice.

The End

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