Saturday, January 23, 2016

I have lost trust in my husband

Marital ties subscribers please, I need mature advice. I got married to my hubby 2yrs ago but I find it hard to trust and believe most of the things he said. It all started when he lost his job... early last year. He will be with his phone and if I ask he would say its just to pass time as he has nothing doing. When he's chatting and if I come close or  look at the phone, he will hide the phone and tell me jokingly that nothing is there.

This continued...He said its just some naughty chat I insisted on the content and told him that I want to be part of the chat so we would all laugh over the content. Aside from that, whenever i'm with him, he doesn't answer some calls and if I insist he answers the call, he'll say that its not an important call.
If he picks some, he won't chat comfortably.
I complained about them & he assured me of his love for me and tells me that I need not to worry that nothing is wrong. That its just some ladies that disturb but they will get tired & stop calling. He is d nice type & won't want to hurt people. He told me about his past with girls and promises that he will never have anything... do with anybody since he is now a married man and God fearing too.
So because of his lapses I resulted to checking his phone, his call logs, messages on facebook, chats on whatsapp,BBM etc. By now he has started working but still pay attention to his phone. I saw some nasty chat on faceook, he was asking a girl if she hasn't made love to any guy since the past month.

...he made love to her, bla bla.
With some chats on whatsapp. I confronted him on them and he gave reasons on what lead to that chat that he meant nothing present. He even swore that he has not defile his marital vow. On whatsapp, there are series of chat with girls, which I deleted and blocked some of them but it seemed its phase by phase. If no. A is thrashed no. B will emerge.
Even in some numbers that do call him. I confronted him and he said he had something with them in the past but don't want to be harsh on them that he want to get rid of them peacefully. I suggested to him that, the best way to stop them is by being mean to them that he is now a married man but his nice nature didn't accept that.
Recently, I had a quarrel with him and told him that I won't complain about anybody again that he should live his life the way he pleases. That I will do my chores as his wife. I also  told him that I don't trust him nor feel anything for him because the thought of him having flings with girls has killed the love I have for him. He pleaded, that he will put an end to ...
...anything that will bring problem to our love and marriage that he can't trade me for anything. That he can't live nor survive without my love and promised to shun all distractions. He even gave me right over his phone to answer any call that comes in and deal with anything I found on his phone but the love isn't
there again. I still noticed that some of the girls
do call him during working hours. I confronted him on the numbers that call him during the day and because he noticed I do check his call log, he deletes any female calls that he calls or calls him in the day.
Right now, I find it hard to believe him and its really affecting my love to him.
Though, to a large extent he has changed but I still don't know how to build the broken trust. Please, mature advice is really what I need sir.


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